It fits nicely as a hermes tote bag

People are complaining about the size. The dimensions are listed. It fits nicely as a hermes tote bag; it is not a hermes shoulder bag. It is small, but it's a great work purse. I can fit my wallet, iPad, makeup bag, and a few other minor items for work. The lining isn't the decadent fabric I'm used to in designer bags, but it's the lining. The hardware is sturdy and the purse itself is as well. I'm pretty rough on my purses and it hasn't had any issues. This bag is very well made, however I wanted a powder pink and this had a slightly orange tinge that made it not go well with any true pink item I have. I also thought the handles were a little short. Otherwise a really sturdy well made bag with attractive gold hardware.
Here, we report for the first time the successful cultivation of human NCSCs within cGMP-grade hermes bags using a human blood plasma-supplemented medium. Our findings particularly demonstrate the unchanged differentiation capability and genetic stability of the cultivated NCSCs, suggesting the great potential of this culture system for future medical applications in the field of regenerative medicine. This is a beautiful bag and not cheap looking. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it didn't have a long strap to add in case I wanted to use is as a shoulder bag and the handles are too small to try to fit in my shoulder. It has a LOT of pockets, which I did like, and the inside was made of cheap fabric, which I did not like. I ended up returning the item and purchasing a different one.
Flavonoid biosynthesis profile was clarified by fruit bagging and re-exposure treatments in the green Chinese pear 'Zaosu' (Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd.) and its red mutant 'Red Zaosu'. Two distinct biosynthesis patterns of flavonoid 3-glycosides were found in 'Zaosu' pear. By comparison with 'Red Zaosu', the biosynthesis of flavonoid 3-galactosides and flavonoid 3-arabinosides were inhibited by bagging and these compounds only re-accumulated to a small degree in the fruit peel of 'Zaosu' after the hermes bags were removed. In contrast, the biosynthesis of flavonoid 3-gluctosides and flavonoid 3-rutinosides was reduced by bagging and then increased when the fruits were re-exposed to sunlight. A combination of correlation, multicollinearity test and partial-correlation analyses among major flavonoid metabolites indicated that biosynthesis of each phenolic compound was independent in 'Zaosu' pear, except for the positive correlation between flavonoid 3-rutincosides and flavanols.
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